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A Geographic Information System (GIS) is a computing system designed for assembling, processing, and analyzing spatial data or information [26, 62, 103]. GIS has become vital in designing and planning real estate projects, particularly in community management. Using GIS, real estate professionals can measure the precise impact of location and make informed decisions based on that knowledge.

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Procore offers bulk time entry for individuals or a crew, real-time worker productivity tracking, and an approval process for streamlined payroll – all fundamental for the construction industry. Project teams can manage expenditures with the help of Procore’s construction financials tools, which also allow executives access to real-time information about the state of their business. Plus, with simple integrations with the likes of Xero and QuickBooks, invoicing and billing are a breeze. Zoho offers some of the most affordable paid plans out there alongside their strong free offering. The plan structure is simple, with a free plan accompanying the Premium and Enterprise solutions for larger teams.

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Without an ERP, it’d be very difficult for construction companies to keep projects on time and under budget. This transformation enables home builders to decrease costs, maximize profitability, improve build quality and increase the number of houses they can build in a year. The solution makes it easy for everyone in the company to stay on the same page. The platform creates links between contracts, real estate and construction software budgets, accounting and project plans, so users can easily find the project details they need quickly. You can also create custom dashboards with widgets to visualize project progress, and display project financial information. Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central is a full-featured ERP that enables construction companies to track and control every facet of the business through a single platform.

real estate and construction software

There are some good reviews for the service and software, but there are lots of negative ones, too. Not every user has gotten great leads, and many say that canceling a subscription can be difficult, at best. Likewise, if you’re a developer who also needs to manage the property post-construction, then you need property software for maintenance management, tracking tenant details, lease dates and collecting rents. The right real estate development software depends on various factors, but most importantly on which industry you belong to and your business size.

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For this study, a topic search was conducted using selected keywords that included searches from the title, abstract, and author’s keywords. Bibliometric analysis covers all types of publications, such as academic articles, books, conference papers, etc. The search incorporated Title, Abstract, and Author’s keywords to identify relevant publications. The year limit was not applied to the search criteria, so according to the keywords, the oldest article was from 2006. Therefore, it can be assumed that publications were extracted from the duration of 2006–2021.

In the information age, the digital divide poses a significant challenge to healthy urbanization. However, if the digital divide can be reduced, there is huge potential for effective urban governance. Urbanization is a process that is driven by technological advancements, particularly in the field of information and communication technology (ICT). ICT significantly promotes modernization and positively impacts urbanization and regional development [121]. It also contributes to reducing poverty by generating employment opportunities and enhancing per-capita income (T.D. Stanley, Chris Doucouliagos, 2015). The real estate industry encompasses a wide range of activities beyond the traditional concept of buying or selling properties.

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Moreover, based on subjective judgment, themes identified might differ for similar analysis. Additionally, this study can be extended to investigate the impact of digital technology on consumer decision-making about purchasing a property through questionnaires. Big data is complex and multidimensional, entailing overlaps with various data collection and analysis technologies. It refers to the large and complex data sets generated by various sources such as smartphones, computers, and social media [123]. These data sets are difficult to process and analyze using traditional software techniques, making big data management and analytics challenging and costly [52]. According to a report, nearly 95% of businesses produce unstructured data and spent $187 billion 2019 on big data management and analytics [7].

real estate and construction software

Businesses working on multiple and large scale projects need advanced functionalities, especially when it comes to project accounting. This makes integration with third party core accounting solutions a key requirement. What becomes an administrative nightmare is when SMBs manage these responsibilities using cumbersome manual methods, such as Excel sheets. Moreover, costly human errors creep in, which limit businesses from making timely and accurate decisions. Our experts preferred software that was not only easy to navigate and use without any customizations but also one that was easy to make needed changes without a tech team. Agents don’t have a lot of extra time to learn a complicated CRM system, so the more it just works with their natural workflow, the better.


Construction companies that like to self-manage properties can also benefit from Sage 300. The solution consolidates finance and accounting information so business leaders can make smart, data-driven decisions, and accelerates recurring processes to optimize cash flow. Acumatica comes with a simple yet powerful set of ERP tools to help small construction firms spur growth and increase profitability. We were particularly impressed with the solution’s easy user experience, as well as the ability to make highly accurate estimates, manage job costs, simplify payroll and monitor overhead costs.

  • Understand financial status and project profitability with cost breakdown reports such as charts and graphs.
  • Then, you take that image to a KeyMe kiosk, upload the image using the KeyMe app, and you’re set.
  • Due to this, it fits both legal traditions by keeping title records and chains of deeds [50].
  • Salesforce allows you to contact clients by phone, email, text message and more; the platform records every interaction.
  • The use of AI in the real estate industry will help improve the buying and selling process, making it more efficient, accurate, and cost-effective.
  • Ease of use and customer service are important, so look out for comments on these subjects.

Vendors should offer pre-built assemblies, as well as the ability to create custom assemblies. Amy Nichol Smith spent more than 20 years working as a journalist for TV and newspapers before transitioning to software and hardware product reviews for consumers and small businesses. For the best chance at success, every project needs an owner who is responsible for its completion and success. Project managers exist to fill this need, keep a team on task and ensure the project meets the needs of all stakeholders. This designation could be a subset of responsibilities—or an official job title. Using all of the information mentioned above, our reviewers created a scoring metric based on additional criteria from customer reviews, such as ease of use, any stand-out features, popularity and value for the money.

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It just may be wise to look at real examples of what websites look like that are built like others like you, instead of professional designers before you decide to go this route. It doesn’t matter how much money or end buyers you have if you can’t find deals. Find Motivated Sellers Now gives real estate investors direct access to motivated sellers, with plenty of filters to target the right properties and owners which are able to sell on terms matching their criteria. It’s all integrated with a seamless direct mail system for instantly pushing out marketing pieces to them to begin negotiations and ink more contracts.

real estate and construction software

Jotform allows real estate agents to collect information through form templates and keep a database of important information for follow-up, lead nurturing, transactions, and more. You can easily format the customizable real estate form templates to match the type of property you’re selling and collect all relevant buyer information. Here’s a list of the best real estate software solutions to help Realtors and brokerages of all sizes become top producers. Clearly, there is no one-size fits all real estate software solution in any of these categories.

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However, as the 3 plans on offer are so affordable, you can easily look past this. Furthermore, there’s a useful resource directory where you can manage any equipment that’s needed on each site, reducing the risk of workers not having the right tools and causing delays to work. You can even schedule a tool for maintenance, and automated reminders will be sent to ensure this is met. For the premium features like Gantt charts, and integrations with apps like QuickBooks and Google Suite, we’d recommend opting for the Grow plan.

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Although some people will find the familiar spreadsheet-style layout useful, others won’t be so keen. It can be a steep learning curve if you’re not comfortable with Excel, and some of the features are quite technical, so it’s not an ideal choice for beginners. Reports are easy to create and distribute, and the information they include is easy to understand thanks to appealing visuals like pie charts, bar graphs, and others. Wrike’s interactive project timelines are spot on, as they provide a clear and instructive overview of the key components of each project. This can be done in the Gantt chart mode, and the drag-and-drop builder makes customizing these timelines easier than ever.

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3D scanning is a powerful data collection technique that is increasingly being used in the real estate industry to create accurate and detailed models, views, and images. This technology allows real estate stakeholders to access more reliable and credible data, which can be used for various purposes such as construction, renovation, and preservation [107]. The current state of Augmented Reality (AR) technology is not without limitations. In response to these shortcomings, Spatial Augmented Reality (SAR) has been introduced as a potential solution.