Pontevecchio / Nobile 1942


Pontevecchio ( in English: “old bridge”). It’s the most important bridge in Florence with its historical jewelry and leather workshop. A symbol of italian culture and the greatest, “magnificent” heritage of De Medici’s family. It was thanks to Caterina De Medici that the art of perfumery approached in the French court in light of the elegant practice she acquired growing up and living in Florence. Iris from Florence is the main protagonist of the fragrance and evokes the spirit of a man such as one of Nobile’s family: living with courage , a man with history and captivated by beauty and passion. The fragrance was created in 2005 but in 2013 it became a Fragranza Suprema with an increasement of concentration that soothed woods and incense and gave more emphasis to geranium and the dustier notes of iris.

Nuty głowy
bergamotka, tangeryna i kadzidło

Nuty serca
drzewo sandałowe, paczula, wetyweria, toskański irys, drzewo różane, geranium, cedr, ylang-ylang, jaśmin i róża

Nuty Bazy
drzewo sandałowe i piżmo